Maximum SharePoint Efficiency with Minimal Effort

When Jigoro Kanō established the martial arts style Judo in 1882, he did so after several years of training under various other methodologies. Ju (“pliancy”) and Do (“the way”) roughly translate into “the gentle way.” The revolutionary aspect of his new form of martial arts was kuzushi, or off-balancing, a way of using an opponent’s weight to leverage the execution of one’s technique. In this evolution, Kanō found his motto: “The maximum efficiency with minimal effort.”

The leveraging of existing assets to accomplish sophisticated results with minimal effort has its place within technology implementations, and Microsoft SharePoint certainly lends enough weight to the equation to gain a significant amount of leverage in your execution. Leveraging that weight effectively is the key to successful execution in SharePoint, and that’s one of the many reasons I’m so enthusiastic about our Prizm Content Connect platform when it’s integrated with SharePoint, a scenario that’s…

Quick: Installation is simple and leverages existing SharePoint security mechanisms to establish Digital Rights Management (DRM) and quickly allow access to over 300 different file formats, all from a single interface and without any software to install on users’ systems. Watch this video to see how to install Prizm Content Connect in five minutes: Installing Prizm Content Connect on SharePoint 2010.

Efficient: Everyone from SharePoint Administrators to Web Experience Designers working in SharePoint Designer to Developers working in Visual Studio can take advantage of the features provided in the Prizm Content Connect platform. Check out this tutorial to learn how to Use SharePoint Designer 2010 to Create a Document Viewer.

Evolving: Accusoft brings 20 years of imaging and document SDK experience to bear in the Prizm Content Connect product. The product roadmap is rich with feature enhancements and will continue to grow alongside your SharePoint implementation.

Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint is available in a fully functional evaluation download from

In what other ways is the weight of SharePoint leveraged for maximum efficiency with minimal effort in your company? Share in the comments section below.



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